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What is J Bow Tag?

J Bow Tag is a licensee of Archery Tag, a new action sport that combines elements of dodgeball and archery into one sport.  The experience is fun, fast-paced, and great for ages 10 and up.  J Bow Tag can be played indoor or outdoor, in a variety of different ways.  All you need is an area roughly as big as a basketball court to play. A typical game consists of 2 teams of 5, but J Bow Tag can be played with up to 20 people at a time.  Check out Pics/Vids to see J Bow Tag in action!

Standard Archery Tag Game:

The object is to have the most players and target spots remaining at the end of the timed game
(typically 5-10 minutes depending on scheduling and number of players).
• A player shall be deemed “out” for being tagged with an arrow 

 In any of the following manners:
o Players body (including the head)
o Any/All clothing (uniform)
o Any equipment (bows, arrows, masks, etc.)
o Anything touching that player counts as a hit
• A player is out when his/her arrow is caught by an opposing team member

and that team gets to recall a tagged out player
• There are two ways in which to recall a tagged out player:
o Catching an opponent’s arrow (as indicated above)
o Knocking out an opponent’s 5-spot target

The game is also if all opponents players are eliminated, or all 5 of the targets have been shot out

The above describes a typical game, but J Bow Tag can be setup with different team sizes, bunker formations, field sizes, and even different themes or elements like medics or other unique twists.  Some groups do themed events like Hunger Games, or Super Heroes.  If you have a special setup request, please let us know when booking.  All alternative game setups are at the sole discresion of owner/operator. 

Contact us for more details or to schedule an event!
J Bow Tag is a great idea for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate team building, community outreach, as well as youth groups, and campus ministries!
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