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Locations for J Bow Tag

J Bow Tag can be played indoor or outdoor.  J Bow Tag is a mobile business, so we can come to your location or town! The minimum dimensions to play J Bow Tag must be at least 80ft x 50ft. There are many gyms and outdoor locations in and around Cody, and the state of Wyoming, that are a great place to host a J Bow Tag event.  We are happy to help organize or facilitate the rental.  Below is a few recommendations in the Cody area.

Outdoor Locations

Playing J Bow Tag outdoors is great in Cody because we live in Wyoming where there is a lot of open space.  Parks, parking lots, fields, or any open area with enough room will work.  

If you own a business with a large parking lot, or property with enough open field to play, we can come set it up!  Contact us for questions.

Indoor Locations

The flexibility of J Bow Tag is what makes it so unique to other action sports.  J Bow Tag can be played indoor!  Gyms work great, as a full size basketball court is nearly identical to the size needed to play (80ft x 50ft).  Large lobbies, conference rooms, riding arenas, or any other large indoor facility will work great. 

Gym Recommendations:


The above locations are simply recommendations.  Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to have your location scouted for a J Bow Tag event.

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